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Which will soon become a simple page stating that all my content lives here, at I needed a clean slate to start my new mission and chose some posts to take with me.

But this new site is more than a blog... It's hosting my Git repos, and will host my podcast too.

The Blog

The move is to keep everything in one place. Running a VPS to host my Git repos and new email address was the right choice...

The new email is so much cooler than my old one.


The Git

I see no reason to use Github, Gitlab, etc. these days. The web is meant to be decentralized.

We were meant to have our on little spaces online and from there connect with the world...

Having 5 to 10 sites controlling the majority of internet usage is not how this thing's supposed to work.

The Podcast

I'm debating starting the podcast from ground zero.

I know I need to change the name of the show but then all the past recordings have the old name spoken in the intro.

Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

The Future

I intend to keep growing this project...

My homestead on the internet so to speak.

Not Instagram, not Facebook, not TikTok, not even Gab. While I may visit these big sites from time to time my goal is to host all my content here.